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A Great Place to Have Fun With Family – Riverside Sprayground in Roswell, Georgia

Located at the corner of Riverside and Main streets, the Riverside Sprayground is one of the best Georgia properties available for purchase. It was built in 1990 and is well-located. It is a perfect place to raise a family as it is very close to the schools and other important institutions in the area. Its convenient location makes it ideal to own your own home in Georgia. The property, which has a total land area of 5 acres, consists of a single structure that consists of two buildings on the first floor with another one on the second floor that houses the garage. Further facts about Roswell, GA can be found here.

The property is surrounded by an assortment of both natural and manmade beauty and includes a pond, flowing stream, playgrounds, outdoor pool, and other amenities that make it ideal for owning a home here. It also offers easy access to major highways and interstates so you won’t have to worry about having a hard time getting to work or shopping in Roswell, GA or any other city in Georgia. You don’t need a car or a driver to drive to work in this rural setting. The community is very safe for families so it’s a good idea to get home there regardless if you want to be just a commuter or a permanent resident. Information about Old Mill Park and Machine Shop in Roswell, GA –  A Spectacular Place to Take a Trip can be found here.

The property is located on a parcel of land that was originally homesteaded by a member of the Gutters family over eighty years ago. It is one of the original subdivisions in Roswell and has all the main features that attract buyers from around the world to it. It has two lots that contain a total of forty-two thousand dollars in value and features include an eighteen-acre parcel with a gate, a tennis court, a large swimming pool, a fire pit, and beautiful landscaping. It is conveniently located near the trails Appalachian Trail, Georgia Botanical Garden, Mountain River, and Roswell Park. The property has excellent seclusion so you don’t need to worry about neighbors intruding upon your privacy.