Academy ABA

ABA School in Rome, GA

Our mission is to empower your child to reach their full academic, social and physical potential by providing a robust, multi-dimensional learning environment that incorporates an individualized school experience, designed to develop academic, social, emotional, behavioral and independent skills.

Accredited K-12

Our mission is to empower your child to reach his/her full academic, social and physical potential by providing a robust, multi-dimensional learning environment that incorporates an individualized school experience, designed to develop academic, social, emotional, behavioral and independent skills.
We believe all children can learn and meet their full potential to be a contributing citizen if they are provided with an instructional environment that includes a wide range of behavioral, academic, language and physical experiences that meet their individual needs.
We believe in teaching the Whole Child. Our academic program is designed to exceed Georgia Performance Standards and provides instruction in the core curriculum areas of reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. We believe in providing a learning environment that connects instruction to the world your child lives in; therefore, giving him/her a perspective of learning with a purpose.


We know our students are individual, and our program offers the specific services your child requires to meet all developmental benchmarks. We provide therapeutic and neurological programs to serve student’s physical, speech/language and behavioral needs with licensed therapists who will coordinate your child’s therapy program to his/her academic program. 


We haven’t forgotten YOU. We understand that as a parent of a child with individual needs YOU have individual needs. We provide support services for YOU and will continue to grow our outreach program to meet YOUR needs!


It is important to us that your child continually makes progress. We are able to do this in a number of different ways such as standardized testing, data collection, observation and most importantly in how your child is improving functionally. Functional improvement is mostly measured in how the child is using their newly learned skill – are they practicing what they are learning.
Many times we see changes through the testing but the carryover into real life is less noticeable. We are able to then encourage the child to use their new found skills appropriately through intensive intervention which facilitatesneuroplasticity in learning.
The school utilizes a bottom up and top down approach to meet a child and family’s needs when building both therapeutic and academic programming.
Many children have complex issues that have to be worked through before we can really expect them to perform skills such as reading and writing.
Reading, writing and academics are the end product of growth and development. We can not assume that these skills will automatically develop in a child, just like we don’t automatically know how to speak other languages that are not native to us. The brain is the most complex, adaptive, innovative computer on the planet! Why not feed it with basic, well-formed tools that enable it to fill in the missing pieces, and create the whole picture, which in essence feeds the rest of the body.


  • Adapted
    Our curriculum and daily schedules are adapted to meet the needs of each student. The learning environment is multi-dimensional to address our students’ physical, mental, social and academic needs.
  • Balanced
    We blend just enough traditional learning with today’s technology to keep our students engaged, learning and succeeding.
  • Connected
    By bringing the outside world into the classroom we provide students real world connections that make learning fun and meaningful.

Our students have neurological gaps which are hindering their educational development. Current research proves students need neurological and therapeutic interventions on a daily basis to strengthen their ability to function – socially, behaviorally, AND educationally – regardless of their diagnoses. Our program is uniquely designed for students who need a school experience that prioritizes their therapeutic and neurological needs, and then incorporates those needs into a personalized educational program. Your student’s program prioritizes the neurological therapies necessary to develop educational, social, communicative, emotional, behavioral and independent life skills.

The Academy is therapy-based. Daily therapeutic activities are conducted in our state-of-the-art therapy facility. Our students struggle with many issues that distract them from learning. By first strengthening their developmental benchmarks, they become able to focus on learning, rather than surviving. Research proves this is an effective way to teach to a variety of learning abilities and styles. Differentiated, individualized instruction is the key to our students’ success.
We utilize cooperative learning in the classroom. Students often work in mixed ability groups so that they may help each other during the learning process. Working in small groups also helps students learn valuable social skills they will need throughout life. This approach is based on a multi-sensory teaching and learning style.

Our students are encouraged to look for and seize “teachable moments” – those unplanned, spontaneous opportunities to learn a concept that has inadvertently captured their interest. We also incorporate creative arts and weekly educational social outings to create a well-rounded school environment.The Academy is accredited for grades K-12 and is aligned with Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS).

The school schedule is a 12 month, full day program with rolling admissions.
As an accredited school, AcademyABA accepts SB10 funding.