Academy ABA

ABA Therapy: Helping Your Child Succeed

ABA Therapy is an applied behavior analysis therapy that helps people learn how to behave in certain situations. ABA therapists teach children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities to problem solve, communicate, regulate emotions, build relationships, manage behaviors and participate in their communities. ABA therapy can also help adults on the autism spectrum excel at work or school. Learn more here.

ABA therapists work with children and adults one-on-one, in small groups, or in the classroom to teach these skills. ABA therapy can help your child accomplish their daily tasks for school, home, and life. Learn more about The Benefits of ABA Therapy.

ABA therapy helps teach children the skills they need to succeed in different settings and interactions. ABA therapists work with your child, helping them grow into their potential by building on strengths and working through weaknesses. This may include teaching communication, socialization, behavior management, or independent living skills depending on your needs as parents and caregivers of a child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ABA therapy can help children with ASD, or other learning disabilities reach their goals, and ABA therapists work closely with you to make sure your child is getting everything they need.