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ABA Therapy – Understanding How to Help Kids With Autism

Autism is a complex developmental disorder that affects one in 68 children. ABA therapy has been proven to be an effective way of helping these kids develop their social skills and improve behavioral issues. ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, which is the science behind ABA therapy. ABA therapists work with children by giving them tasks they can complete based on their skill level. They are rewarded with praise or tangible items like stickers or pencils as they succeed at these tasks. The goal of ABA therapy is to help your child learn how to function in society while decreasing any harmful behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorders. Roswell, GA can be seen here.

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, a science-based approach to teaching children. A therapist using ABA shows the child what they want them to do in order to get rid of undesirable behaviors and increase desirable ones. Click here to read about ABA Therapy: What It Is and Why It Matters.

ABA is widely accepted within the autism community as one of many effective tools available when working with kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). A parent who feels uncomfortable about their child’s current ABA program should feel free to seek out another option that works best for their family without being judged or ridiculed by others.