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ABA Therapy: What is it and Who Needs It?

ABA Therapy, or Aversive Behavior Analysis, is a type of therapy that involves the use of positive reinforcement and negative punishment to help clients change their behavior. ABA therapy can be used on individuals with autism spectrum disorders, developmental disabilities, and intellectual disabilities. ABA therapists work with children in order to teach them skills necessary for everyday life such as communication and socialization. ABA therapy also may involve the use of technology such as ABA apps and ABA games. Learn information about Cumming, GA.  

ABA Therapy sessions usually last an hour, three times each week with a therapist working one on one with clients. The goal is for therapists to teach children skills that they can take home and practice in order to be successful independently. A behavioral plan is developed by the team before beginning treatment so parents know what will happen during therapy sessions and how their child should behave at home in between visits. Children learn through imitation, modeling, reinforcement (positive or negative), consequences (negative or positive) punishment/time-out activities). Discover facts about ABA Therapy: Why It’s Essential For Children With Autism.

The ABA Therapy process includes assessment; development of intervention goals; implementation of interventions using systematic teaching procedures; monitoring progress; and generalization of skills. ABA therapy is an evidence-based practice that has been shown to help children overcome life challenges with the use of a structured therapeutic method.