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ABA Therapy: What is it?

ABA stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, and ABA Therapy is a treatment for autism spectrum disorder. ABA therapy is based on the principles of learning theory, which means that it focuses on reinforcing behavior that leads to desired results. A therapist will teach a person with autism new skills in a structured way to learn them better and faster. A therapist may use rewards or punishments to get the desired result from their client, but this should never be done without consulting parents first. Learn more here.

ABA therapy is an approach to teaching that encourages learning through positive reinforcement and rewards. A behavioral therapist designs a curriculum for each student, with clear goals and objectives outlined in measurable ways. A child’s behavior is observed as he completes various tasks, broken down into smaller steps until the goal is achieved. ABA therapists use these small milestones to build upon the progress made at previous stages of development. This method ensures children learn new skills by breaking them down into achievable components instead of overwhelming their senses all at once. In addition to daily training sessions between parents and students, ABA therapists work one-on-one with young learners who require individualized instruction from a professional. Learn more about The benefits of ABA Therapy, a form of Behavioral Therapy.