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Big Creek, Georgia:Beautiful Remote Town

Known as Big Creek, Georgia, Big Creek is a small and remote town located in the northeast corner of the state. Residents enjoy all four seasons in this thriving community with many historic landmarks that are worth checking out. Big Creek was founded by a group of pioneers from Tennessee who settled here on Christmas day 1827. Big. Learn more here.

Big Creek was founded as a company town for The Big Creek Railway Company’s new division office on September 17, 1883. Big creek residents live about half of their life span within five miles from where they were born, which could be because Big Creek offers so much such as hiking trails, lakeside recreation areas, historic churches, and cozy cafes! While Big Creeks does not have any high-end tourist attractions or big-name restaurants it has something you can’t find anywhere else: peace and quiet. Learn more about Milton, Georgia: A Small But Mighty City.

Big Creek is a small town that offers all the amenities of larger cities without any traffic congestion. Big Creek has two post offices, Big Creek Shopping Center and Big Creek United Methodist Church. The community also includes Big Creek Baptist Church, Mt Olivet cemetery, and Laurens County Memorial Park.