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Crabapple, Georgia: A quaint town with a lot to offer

Crabapple, Georgia is a small town that isn’t on many people’s radar. However, Crabapple has plenty to offer visitors who come with an open mind and a sense of adventure! Crabapple offers some of the best hiking trails in the southeast region, as well as rolling hills for horseback riding. The town also features one of the few remaining working water mills left in Georgia. Learn more here.

The Crabapple Mill is one of the last working water mills left in Georgia and it’s still operational today. The mill was built over a century ago in 1899 by James Cagle, who ran the mill for decades before quitting to become an educator. After his death in 1956, Crabapple Mills passed through many hands before finally going into disrepair from 1990-2000 when its owner died without any living relatives willing or able to take on the burden! In 1994 Ware County bought Crabapple Mills at auction with plans to restore it as a tourist attraction that would help them recoup some funds they’d lost due to hospital closings. Work began on restoring Crabapple Mills in 2000 but has been slow-moving due to budget constraints and lack of manpower. Learn more about Roswell, GA: A Place with Many Stories.

Crabapple is located about two hours from Atlanta and Chattanooga, so it makes for a wonderful day trip or weekend getaway spot.