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Discover the Charm of Dunn, Georgia

Dunn, Georgia, is a small coastal city on the Georgia Gulf Coast. Known as the “Gulf Coast’s Second City,” it offers many popular destination attractions to its visitors. If one were to choose between a major attraction and a great beach vacation, the answer would be easy. For lovers of history and culture, Dunn, Georgia will provide a great destination with a multitude of museums, art galleries, historic architecture, and a famous football team. Further facts about Cumming, GA can be found here.

The history of Dunn dates back to the early nineteenth century, when it was first settled by freed slaves from the state of Georgia. A college in Dunn called The School of Georgia still exists today, which is open to the public. There are many historical attractions within the city, including the six thousand-year-old courthouses and the Thomas Jefferson House, which sits just south of downtown. One of the most popular attractions is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, which is one of the best-known tourist attractions in the country. There are several other attractions like historic Ellijay Gardens, historic downtown pairs of hotels and restaurants, historic architecture, museums, outdoor activities and festivals, and many other things to do. There are many places to eat and many great craft stores to visit. Dunn Georgia is also famous for its music and history. The Dunn Farm Theater and the Lake Lanier Natatorium are two of the great attractions that this area of Georgia has to offer. Information about Duluth, Georgia – Nature’s paradise can be found here. 

Other popular destination attractions in Dunn, Georgia, include the Gulf coast Marine Science Center located on Old Sandy Island and the twenty-two-year-old barrier island, Ninety Nubble Island. Both of these locations are only minutes from the city of Dunn and offer up endless pleasurable beaches, water sports, and more. If one has never visited the area, it is highly recommended that one do so for their own enjoyment. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the Southeast, and there is plenty to see and do.