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Healing From the Core: Practical Techniques for Enlightened Living

This blog post is about aba therapy. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it stands for acceptance and commitment therapy. This type of therapy can help people find peace in their lives when they have experienced trauma or other painful events in the past. The core principles behind this form of treatment are that humans need to accept reality and commit themselves to make changes to live a more fulfilled life. We will discuss how this type of therapy works, what clients may benefit from it, and some practical techniques for applying it at home. Visit this link for more information.

Aba therapy is a new, emerging body of knowledge that focuses on healing from the core. The aba therapist works with her patients to explore and heal their earliest experiences to create profound change in their lives. Aba therapists focus on unearthing buried feelings, memories, thoughts, and sensations that are often not accessible through traditional talk-based therapies alone. These feelings and memories are held in the body, not just the mind. The aba therapist believes that these early experiences form a template for how people deal with similar situations throughout their lives, so working to heal from them can enormously impact one’s ability to handle stress and difficult emotions as they arise. Read about Reasons to Try ABA Therapy for Your Child here.