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Hembree Park in Roswell, GA: A Beautiful Green Space

Hembree Park in Roswell, GA, is a beautiful green space that features a pond and hiking trails. Hembree Park has been around since the early 1900s and was originally owned by William Hembree, who donated it to Roswell as an act of generosity. Hembree Park offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a relaxing day out or want some exercise while exploring nature. Along with its picturesque scenery and peaceful atmosphere, Hembree Park also hosts many events, such as concerts and festivals throughout the year! Hembree Park is a Roswell favorite and should not be missed. Information can be found here.

Hembree Park features a pond where you can fish, hike trails that lead up into the hillsides from which you can see all over town, picnic tables perfect for family gatherings, or just enjoying your lunch break outside on one of those rare days when winter gives way to springtime warmth. See here for information about A Walk in the Woods: Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell, GA.

Hembree Park is known as a green space and leisure spot for residents of Hembree Road in Roswell, GA. It’s located on Hembree Drive between Eastside Drive and Hembree Court Southeast. Hembree Park contains a parking area that has playgrounds, benches, two pavilions with picnic tables each, restrooms (for children), trash receptacles, and four tennis courts. There are also three ballfields: one for softball/baseball; one for soccer or football; and another that can be converted to either softball/baseball or soccer/football depending on need.