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Milton, Georgia: A Small But Mighty City

Milton, Georgia is a small but mighty city. Milton has all the amenities of a large city without the traffic and congestion to deal with. Milton is known for its great schools, safe neighborhoods, and close proximity to Atlanta. There are plenty of things to do in Milton including golf courses, parks, and museums. It’s also home to one of the most beautiful churches in Georgia – First Baptist Church Milton! Click here for facts about Cumming, GA.

Milton was founded in 1816 after General John Milton Thrasher surveyed the area and recognized it would make an excellent place for his family’s cotton plantation. He paid $100 for 2700 acres that he used to grow cash crops; however, like many other plantations at this time, slaves were also working on the farm cultivating these goods too. By 1850 more than three-quarters of all farms had enslaved workers who contributed heavily to producing cotton because their labor was cheap, and Milton had one of the largest slave populations in Georgia. Information about The Beautiful City of Suwanee, Georgia can be found here.

The town continued to grow as more families came from North Carolina looking for new land. Milton quickly became a bustling community with a cotton mill, church, and school before it was struck by disaster during the Civil War when Union troops invaded Milton’s nearby towns including Resaca that saw heavy fighting followed by Sherman’s March on Atlanta in 1864.

Many residents returned after the war but Milton never fully recovered; eventually, growth slowed due to economic difficulties and changes in technology that resulted in fewer jobs available for workers at this time though there are still mills operating today despite their small size! In 1950 Milton developed into an industrial center which helped its economy stabilize again because now they were producing products that Milton residents could use.