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Old Mill Park and Machine Shop in Roswell, GA – A Spectacular Place to Take a Trip

Old Mill Park and Machine Shop in Roswell, Georgia is a spectacular place to take a trip and enjoy what remains of the original mills that once lined the banks of the Cobb River. When Roswell King, a former surveyor from Darien, Georgia came to Georgia he immediately recognized the potential for a cotton factory here. It was after this factory went up on the site of what would become Roswell’s first town square that he realized the possibilities for development. There were then no zoning laws in Georgia to prevent the development of large-scale commercial projects so he and his partners quickly began buying up lots of lands and building these massive textile manufacturing plants. Many of these textile mills still exist today. Visit this link for more information.

You will find an early American style blacksmith shop on the premises along with the remains of what was then a steam engine and a kiln. On a recent visit, I noted that on the first floor of the Old Mill Park and Machine Shop you would find two working women who were making bowls by hand. A trip down the upstairs floors reveals many of the same artifacts as are found in downtown Roswell, GA history. In the attic, you will also find two-handled saws, grinders, tongs, and more. Visitors are welcome to use the gym and several classrooms. Read about Dog Park at Leita Thompson in Roswell, GA for Dog Lovers here.

Walking the perimeter of the park, you will come across several beautiful overlooks. One of these views is of the Chattahoochee River, which flows through Roswell’s eastern boundary. If you prefer walking in the more natural bush environment, another popular trail leads hikers through a wooded area filled with wildflowers. To get to the nature preserve area, you should take the short spur from downtown, which is the Pickens Trail.