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Our ABA Program helps children with learning differences develop academic and life skills that will allow them to find the best opportunities for success throughout life. We offer individualized programming by focusing on child’s unique talents, strengths and weaknesses to help them live to their full potential.


Address: 909 N 5th Ave Rome GA 30165


Monday – Friday | 8:00am-6pm

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We incorporate a multi-dimensional learning environment to empower your child to reach their full potential- Academically, Socially, and Physically.


Using data-driven ABA Therapy, we help your child improve specific behaviors and develop adaptive learning skills.


Focusing on improving everyday play skills, learning strategies, and self-care, our OT program for children with Autism can help with daily life skills.


Through a variety of techniques including Alternative Augmentative Communication & Feeding and Swallow Therapy, we help your child communicate their wants and needs.

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Clinical Experts

Our staff are consummate professionals, holding certifications and maintaining a constant state of self-improvement to ensure your child receives only the highest standard of care.

Convenient Locations

We work to provide the most accessible locations for your child’s care. With locations in Roswell, Cumming, and Cartersville we are structured to make your life easier.

You're Covered

We accept and work with a large variety of  insurances to provide the best opportunity to provide care to your child. Look below for a list of commonly accepted carriers, and give us a call if you have questions on coverage.

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ABA Therapy in Cartersville, GA

At Academy ABA, we use data-driven and evidence based ABA Therapy techniques to help improve specific social, communication, reading, and academic skills.

Occupational Therapy in Cartersville, GA

Helpful for children with autism who need help with skills revolving around playing, learning, and self-care, Occupational Therapy can help autistic children achieve a higher degree of day-to-day independence in their activities.

Speech Therapy in Cartersville, GA

Although not all children with autism have difficulty speaking, other forms of communication such as body language can prove frustrating. Additionally, feeding and swallow therapy are important to make sure dietary considerations are met.

ABA School in Cartersville, GA

Adapting to the needs of each student, our ABA curriculum and schedules are blended with aspects of traditional learning and modern technology to enable real-world connection for our students.