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Roswell, GA ABA Therapy: Interesting Facts

ABA Therapy has been proven effective in helping children with an autism spectrum disorder to better function in the world. ABA Therapy involves identifying and manipulating the relevant behaviors that help a child to overcome difficult situations and to promote learning positively. This therapy was introduced to the United States in the 1980s by Dr. William Pelham, who was trained as an Industrial Relations Engineer and spent many years trying to develop a treatment for his autistic patients. Information can be found here.

ABA Therapy is often used as a stand-alone treatment to help children with an autism spectrum disorder to function within their daily lives. Children will be taught to identify specific behaviors such as eye contact, response to touch, and other facial cues. These behaviors are then reinforced through a reward system that is usually made up of food or small treats. ABA Training will not only teach children how to respond to their surroundings but will also teach them how to interact with others. For example, if a child misbehaves in class, rather than saying he or she is sorry, they will learn appropriate ways to behave when having to speak with others. ABA Therapy will not only teach these skills in formal classroom settings, it can also be used when playing with others or when interacting with toys. See here for information about Roswell, GA ABA Therapy – “Brain Instructions”.

While ABA Therapy is a highly successful treatment for autism, there are limitations to the therapy. ABA is only effective when it is combined with other types of behavioral therapy such as social skills training and other kinds of therapies that address the problem that lies at the root of the behavior. ABA Therapy is most effective if it is started at an early age and continued until adulthood.

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