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Roswell, Georgia Offers Comprehensive Counseling and Speech Therapy Services

A speech therapy clinic in Roswell, Georgia has been offering high-quality services to families, people with developmental disabilities, and loved ones for over twenty years. As it is known, prides itself on being one of the best speech centers in the Southeast region. The office staff and facilities are constantly evaluated to ensure patients get the best care possible. The goal is to provide the highest quality of patient care and education. Roswell, GA can be seen here.

In keeping with the mission of the Center, Roswell Georgia offers a large variety of specialty services. They offer free speech consultation to families, individuals, couples, adolescents, and children of all ages. They started out as a simple faith-based agency. They are serving the Roswell area with a vision of making a difference in the lives of the residents and their families. Over the years we have seen tremendous growth and expansion and now serve clients far beyond our original scope. Click here to read about Roswell, Georgia – What is the Definition of Speech Therapy.

The center’s Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapists are accredited by the American Speech Therapy Association (ASTA). The Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists at the Center are licensed, trained, and supervised by ASTA. A large portion of the Roswell, Georgia center’s budget is used towards its Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy Programs. The center serves several languages and is willing to work with clients who may not be able to speak or communicate fluently.