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The benefits of ABA Therapy, a form of Behavioral Therapy

ABA Therapy is a form of behavioral therapy that has been around for over 50 years. ABA therapy stands for Applied Behavior Analysis, and it is used as a treatment for autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, and other mental health disorders. ABA therapists use rewards to help people learn new skills and behaviors. ABA therapists work with children on social skills such as making eye contact or using appropriate words in conversation. They also work with adults on independent living skills like cooking or managing money.  This article will explore some of the benefits ABA therapy can offer those struggling with emotional difficulties. Information can be found here.

ABA therapy can help individuals improve their behavior, decrease maladaptive behaviors, and promote positive behavioral changes. ABA therapists use rewards to encourage children to act appropriately in social situations. Rewards are not used as a form of bribery, but instead, they teach the individual under treatment what is expected. ABA therapists work with individuals on various skills such as tying shoes, riding bikes, or swimming. ABA Therapy has been known for its success stories working with autistic patients who were nonverbal before receiving ABA therapy. For example, some ABA therapists have helped autistic adults develop nonexistent language before beginning treatment using visual supports like pictures or symbols instead of words when communicating thoughts and feelings. See here for information about How ABA Therapy Benefits Autistic Children.