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The Original Plantation Home of Archibald Smith in Roswell, GA

The Archibald Smith Plantation Home in Roswell, Georgia is a historic home by one of the founders of Roswell. The house was built by one of the founders, Archibald Smith, and still houses three generations of his extended family today. The house has been lovingly restored by the third generation, Arthur Smith, in 1940. Archibald Smith had a son, Will, who went on to become a United States Senator and a Speaker of the House of Representatives. His wife, Lucy, went on to be an author and businesswoman in the New World, South America, and Australia. Learn more here.

The entire house was renovated in 1998 by the original three generations who restored the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. The third generation retained the plantation house’s original details such as the two-story roof, hardwood floors, plaster walls, a central fireplace, and old-fashioned, open-fronted windows. The kitchen area was equipped with a full oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and microwave oven. Cooking and roasting foods is now done on a spit over a charcoal fire in the back-yard. The main living area, which originally housed the three generations in tight quarters, is the two-story parlor/family room on top of the two-story farmhouse roof. The Archibald Smith Plantation Home was built by one of the founders of Roswell, Georgia who was born in that town. Archibald Smith had a prosperous career in the railroads before he decided to build homes for his neighbors. He lived in this house for about forty years until it was destroyed in a fire. The ruins of the original house can be seen at the Roswell Historical Society. Learn more about Visit Roswell, Georgia – A Unique Southern City. 

The original architectural style of the house is notable for its arched roofs, cornice walls, and stone mantels. The house sits on a large lot that was originally part of Archibald Smith’s sugar plantation. The two-story living area was designed with a large circular door in the center of the main floor and an oval entryway. This large circular door is still used today, although it is now fitted with glass panel doors instead. The original wood floors were maintained, but they are covered in laminate flooring.