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The Warm and Friendly People of Crabapple, Georgia,

Centered along the beautiful crossroads of Georgia highways 140 and 365, Crabapple, Georgia, is among the oldest neighborhoods in Fulton County, Georgia. Formerly a part of Cherokee County, Georgia it was transferred to the new county in 1857. It is now one of the busiest cities in Georgia, with more than thirty-two thousand people residing there. The city is a hub for tourists, Georgia’s largest port with the busiest International Bridge. Learn more here.

As you seek out information about Crabapple, Georgia, you will find that Georgia is a Southern State with many famous southern accents, including the best-known cotton gin in the United States. It is also home to the Appalachian Mountains, the largest mountains in Georgia, with some offering breathtaking hiking and mountain climbing experiences. Crabapple offers a multitude of activities ranging from museums, theaters, and restaurants. One of the most popular attractions in Georgia with over five hundred thousand visitors annually is the Barrow County area, which is located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is the second largest metropolitan city in the state, with the downtown area being home to some of its finest restaurants and other cultural centers as well. Learn more about An Overview of Windrush, Georgia.

The City of Atlanta attracts people from around the world through its warm and friendly people and the various forms of entertainment it offers. This is why the Crabapple, Georgia, is an important destination in the form of a major port for migration and immigration. The sea changes its name to Barrow to signify the history of migration. Because of this reason, the city of Atlanta is home to an estimated sixteen million immigrants who come here on a yearly basis. The city of Atlanta is also a melting pot of sorts, as it welcomes people of different cultures and ethnicities, which form a large part of United States society today.