Academy ABA

ABA Therapy in Roswell, GA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Definition:

A type of therapy that focuses on improving specific behaviors, like social skills, communication, reading, and academics as well as adaptive learning skills, such as gross and fine motor skills, hygiene, grooming, domestic capabilities, punctuality, and job competence.

Why ABA is considered the GOLD STANDARD for the treatment of Autism:

ABA is “Evidence based” this means that ABA has passed scientific tests of its usefulness, quality, and effectiveness. ABA therapy includes many different techniques.  All of these techniques focus on antecedents (what happens before a behavior occurs) and on consequences (what happens after the behavior). 

ABA is data driven, the results are measurable which allows for a lot of program modification ensuring the time spent at therapy is most beneficial.

Where Can My Child Benefit From ABA?

ABA can be administered in a Clinic or at Home / in the Community.

Each ABA program should be written specifically for each child and the goals can include skills levels across the board. At Academy ABA each program includes highly targeted goals to improve Communication and Language, Self Care, Play and Leisure Skills, Learning & Academic Skills and Motor Skills including dexterity.