Academy ABA

The Team

Our complete team of professionals is made up of everyone your child needs to fully support his/her ABA program.

Let’s meet the players!


The Pediatric Psychologist specializes in Psychological Testing, Evaluations and Individual Treatment specifically in the area of Autism and related diagnosis.

The Psychological component plays an important role in ABA, this is the “starting line” that ensures your child is accurately diagnosed and recommended for any other therapy services.


The BCBA is a Supervisor who conducts behavioral evaluations of clients and designs behavior and individual support plans for clients and provides training to caregivers.

Our Outpatient Behavioral Services BCBA’swork with a team of Behavioral Technicians to provide a range of applied behavior analytic (ABA) assessments and clinical services for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and related developmental disabilities.

The BCBA Supervisor is responsible for coordinating, communicating and continually evaluating the effectiveness of functional assessments, behavioral evaluations, behavior plans and individual education plans for clients on their caseload.

The BCBA is also a clinical teacher who educates, observes, assesses, and supervises the educational activities and service delivery of Behavioral Technicians and Program Coordinators.


The Behavior Technician provides direct one-on-one behavioral interventions to teach communication, social, and daily living skills and reduce problematic behaviors in the clinic, home, community, and school settings. Behavior Technicians will utilize interventions developed out of the science of Applied Behavior Analysis.

The Behavior Technician prompts safe and socially acceptable replacement behaviors in order to build a repertoire of communication, social interaction, and problem solving skills.
Promoting both successful and independent responding Increases the frequency or duration of safe and appropriate replacement behaviors by providing access to reinforcers (desired items/actions, attention, or removal of demands/aversive situations)

The Behavior Technician also accurately collects behavior data including: A-B-C, count, frequency, duration, latency, inter-response time, event, and interval based recording and follows the treatment plan goals and interventions utilizing sound judgment and seeks out appropriate consultation


This is the person that ensures everything is going smoothly for you and your child.

There are quite a few moving pieces in every child’s program including but not limited to dealing with your Insurance / Medicaid benefits company and managing your child’s individual treatment schedule making sure all the resources available to you are properly utilized to ensure maximum efficiency.

In short the Program Coordinator is the center of our combined universe, you will quickly learn to love your Program Coordinator because they are dedicated to making your life as easy as possible by handling all the “tough stuff” leaving you the time to focus on everything else.

From the moment you contact us, your Program Coordinator will be responsible for seamlessly guiding you and your child through each step of the process and ensuring everything is going as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Our Primary Focus is children from Birth to 21 years old Wherever your child falls on the “spectrum” we have the tools and experience to help create a well balanced learning environment that supports both academic and social success.