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Speech Therapy in Roswell, GA

How is Speech Therapy Helpful with Autism?

Some children on the autism spectrum are not able to speak. Others love to talk, but have difficulty holding a conversation or understanding body language and facial expressions when talking with others.

Alternative Augmentative Communication & Autism

Sometimes a child will find that using pictures or technology to communicate is more effective than actually speaking. This is known as Alternative Augmentative Communication (AAC). Academy ABA is keenly aware that communication is necessary for everyone to communicate their wants and needs. Our Speech Therapy team is trained to identify, teach and program AAC devices as well. 

How Speech Therapists Help with Autism

Speech Therapists are specifically trained to address feeding and swallowing challenges in children with autism. Feeding and Swallow Therapy is extremely important to ensure a well balanced diet and deal with certain issues that could make it hard for a child to speak.